San Francisco Unified School District
It Takes a City: SFUSD Launches a New Strategic Plan

It is a new day in the San Francisco Unified School District. In May 2008, the San Francisco’s school board ratified a strategic plan based on the conviction that, in a global city like San Francisco, no factor – neither race nor language nor family income – can be allowed to predict a child’s success in school or in life. Entitled "Beyond the Talk: Taking Action to Educate Every Child Now," SFUSD’s plan introduces a new framework to assess and monitor the community’s collective ability, inside of the four walls of the classroom and beyond, to educate children for the 21st century. The Balanced Scorecard, used in businesses and a handful of other school districts across the country, is a series of success measurement tools that “cascade” from the Board Room to the classroom. The goal of the scorecard is to helps everyone, from superintendent to community volunteer, better understand and be held accountable to their roles in supporting students’ success.

SFUSD’s has launched three major initiatives to achieve the student outcomes articulated in the balanced scorecard: