Grantee Highlights

Grantees in the News

In an effort to illustrate the hard work done by its grantees, the Silver Giving Foundation is proud to showcase a variety of media outlets in which its grantees have been highlighted.

March 2019

Here are some of the media outlets that have featured our grantees in March 2019.
College admissions scandal highlights the disadvantages students face
Today Show, March 17, 2019
Executive Director of Posse Foundation, Deborah Bial, is featured in this clip speaking about the recent college admission scandal.
What Students Can Do if Parents Can’t—or Won’t—Fill Out College-Aid Forms
Wall Street Journal, March 3, 2019
Making Waves Foundation’s director of financial services Ivette Chavez is mentioned in this article speaking to students about the impact of taking out loans and the importance of factoring price into the college decision process.
Bringing education closer to home helps vulnerable kids
EdSource, March 12, 2019
Jennifer Peck, CEO and president of Partnership for Children and Youth, wrote this piece for EdSource on the importance of bringing education closer to families and children that need it most.
Marin districts tackle college preparation inequities
Marin Independent Journal, March 17, 2019
Education Trust West is featured in this article in regards to a new study and report they are conducting that will assist Marin districts in developing an action plan to ensure all students are college and career ready.

February 2019

Here are some of the media outlets that have featured our grantees in February 2019.
California schools help unaccompanied immigrant students combat trauma, language  barriers
Ed Source, January 30th 2019
Oakland International High School is featured in this article written by Ed Source, also a Foundation grantee. Oakland International is part of a national network of schools that serve immigrant children from all over the world.
The internet is sowing mass confusion. We must rethink how we teach kids every subject
USA Today, February 12, 2019
Stanford History Education Group’s director Sam Wineburg writes an opinion piece about the importance of education for children on navigating news online.
Now You Can Stream ‘Eyes on the Prize’ in Full for Free
Color Lines, February 11, 2019
Facing History and Ourselves just made the docuseries about the Civil Rights Movement—and lesson plans—available online.
Local university works with national organization to mentor future teachers
WSLS, February 11, 2019
The New Teacher Center, has launched a new program with the University of Lynchburg where teachers are learning to become instructional mentors to future education candidates and new teachers in the area.
Gardner Public School District arranging home visits to help inspire students
The Gardner News, February 15, 2019
Gardner Public Schools is starting a new initiative to have teachers visit the homes of parents as a way to build relationships and foster student success. The school district is working with Parent Teacher Home Visits to implement the program.

January 2019

Here are some media outlets that have featured our grantees in January 2019.
Student Voice: ‘I grew up being called a terrorist’
Hechinger Report, January 10, 2019
Facing History and Ourselves (FHAO), is featured in this article discussing the positive benefits of the program by a former student. FHAO is an educational nonprofit that provides teachers with tools to engage their students in examining bigotry.
Let’s teach 1 million teenagers how to spot fake news by 2020
The Hill, January 9, 2019
Stanford History Education Group is creating a curriculum that MediaWise, which is funded by, will be teaching to a new generation of kids to become skilled evaluators of digital content.
Gov. Newsom proposing to expand services for babies and toddlers
EdSource, January 9, 2019
Ted Lempert, president of Children Now, is featured in this article supporting the news that Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to announce plans to spend $100 million to expand a home-visiting program and another $100 million for development screenings.
Windfall for California K-12 schools, more spending from early to higher ed in Newsom’s first budget
Ed Source, January 10, 2019
Carrie Hahnel, interim co-executive director of the nonprofit Education-Trust West, praised Newsom’s budget as “an equity-driven declaration of California’s values” for its attention to early education.
Districts test high school home visits in bid to boost outcomes
Education Dive, January 3, 2019
Parent Teacher Home Visits Project (PTHVP) is featured an expert in the field of home visiting and expanding their initiative across 11 states.
New Report Shows Surge in Homeless Families on the Central Coast
KSBW, January 12, 2019
A recent study conducted by Pivot Learning shows the crisis of homelessness in Monterey County. Surprising findings show that economic pressures such as skyrocketing rents, low-wage jobs and the overall high cost of living are prompting a spike in student homelessness. Concurrently, the region experienced a pronounced increase in the number of children in foster care.