Current Grantees

Final report information

The Foundation requires reports on grants awarded. These reports include narrative and (in some cases) financial reporting on the use of grant funds and outcomes achieved. Grantee reports provide us with an opportunity to learn about the work accomplished during the grant period. Please contact your program officer if you have questions about your final report requirements.

Financial reporting

For project support grants, we require a financial report. Please include a financial accounting of funds spent over the course of the whole project, comparing the budget included in your original proposal with actual funds spent. For general support grants, we do not need a financial report. If you have questions about your financial reporting requirements or whether your grant is a project support grant, please reach out to your program officer or grants management.

No Cost Extension

If you need more time on your grant or to spend down grant funds, the Foundation can issue a No Cost Extension. Please reach out to your program officer to request a No Cost Extension.